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Arizona Women's Lacrosse Umpire Association

Training Schedule - Spring & Fall 2018
January Classes-        01/30/2018  Rule Interpretation Meeting (Mandatory Attendance)​
February Classes-     New Umpire Training Class
March Classes-          03/03/2018 Youth Umpire Recertification Class 
                                     03/24/2018  New Umpire Class​​
 April Classes-            04/01/2018  New Umpire Class​​
                                     04/07/2018  New Umpire Field Work Class

September Classes-  09/08/2018  New Umpire Class​​
                                     09/16/2018  New Umpire Class
                                     09/22  or 09/29/2018  New Umpire Field Work Class


2017 AZGL Youth Rules
Cheat Sheet
2017 Youth Girls' Rule Book (free PDF)
2017 Girls' Rule Book (purchase from NFHS)

2017 Girls Rules Exam (depending on browser settings it might be a downloadable file)

2017 NCAA Rule Book      (free PDF)

2016 Resources

2016 Girls' Rule Book       (free PDF)