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Arizona Women's Lacrosse Umpire Association

About the AWLUA


AWLUA is the Arizona Women’s Lacrosse Umpire Association. We are a non-profit membership organization that trains, supports and assigns umpires for women’s lacrosse in the state of Arizona. The organization was formally established in 2002 and later incorporated as the Arizona Women’s Lacrosse Umpire Association. AWLUA umpires are trained, rated and certified in accordance with the guidelines set forth by US Lacrosse.

The AWLUA trained umpires have officiated thousands of women’s lacrosse games. This includes youth (U-11, U-13 and U-15), high school, college and post-collegiate club games. The hard work and dedication of the AWLUA organization and its umpires has made it possible for lacrosse games to be played under safe conditions with consistent rules and certified officials.


The mission of AWLUA is to promote and facilitate a safe environment for women’s lacrosse, train and rate officials, develop and retain officials, and contribute to the overall values of sportsmanship and teamwork in the state of Arizona.


The Arizona Women’s Lacrosse Umpire Association has adopted bylaws which govern the operations of the AWLUA Board. The AWLUA Board consists of individuals, elected by its membership, who are responsible for managing the affairs and property of AWLUA, determining its policies, supervising the disbursement of funds, and actively pursuing its purposes and objectives.